Mariam Muhammad Mahdi - Quran with Tajweed - Grade 4 and Arabic Studies - Grade 1

Mariam is an Egyptian national residing in Egypt.

Mariam holds Ijazah of the reading and memorizing Qur’an by the narration of Hafs narrated from ’Asim and possess a BA in English Literature and experience in teaching English, Arabic and Quran and Tajweed.

Muhammad Ahmad Othman -  Islamic Studies -Grade 4

Muhammad is an Egyptian national residing in Egypt.

He holds Ijazah of the reading and memorizing Qur’an by the narration of Hafs narrated from ’Asim, and is currently Preparing for an MA degree in Islamic studies in English in the field of Maqasid al-Shariah (Purposes of Islamic Law) and also holds a Post Graduate Studies (Two years) in Department of Islamic Studies in English, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt (2011),  and other linguistic programs and professional development training .

He has previously taught Islamic Studies, Quran with Tajweed, Arabic and English besides, Leading the prayers as Imam and delivering Jumu'ah Khutbah and others.

Zahraa Salah Al Deen Al Absawy - Grades 4 and 7 Arabic Studies (and grade 7 Quran with Tajweed)

Zahraa is an Egyptian national residing in Germany.

She is currently pursuing Master of religious studies – Department of Religious Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Erfurt, Germany, holds Diploma of Islamic studies and Hadeeth Science - Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Al Azhar University and Bachelor degree Islamic and Arabic studies branch Hadeeth science, Faculty of Islamic and Arabic studies for girls, Al Azhar University.

She has over 5 years of experience teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran and has undertaken several professional development courses.

Yaseen Khan - Maths - Grades 2 -7

Yaseen Khan, an Indian national has a Bachelor's of Science in Civil engineering from the American university of Dubai (AUD), UAE. She was also awarded a prestigious scholarship at AUD.

Her past experience includes her acquiring a position as a senior intern at Al Ajmi (construction company) and a private tutor for O and A level students respectively.

She has been working with Targheeb for the past one year as mathematics teacher for Grade Four. Her teaching techniques are diverse and very engaging. She aims to make the class as interesting with her young and enthusiastic method of demonstration.

Alex Gwanyanya - Maths

Alex is from Zimbabwe and holds a Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering (National University of Science and Technology). He is professionally a Math teacher and has over 10 years of experience teaching both elementary and secondary level mathematics and science.   


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